Educate First

"Doctor" means teacher first, and health care provider second

A Unique Approach to Health Care

What makes us different than what you may have experienced in the past? There are several important answers to that question.

  • The premise of my practice is to “educate first and treat second”. I want the patient to understand their own health issues and appropriate treatments so they are self-reliant rather than being on reliant on any health care provider, including me.
  • The wise physician uses that which works, regardless of which field of study is the source. The educational process begins with a discussion of all your options using Functional Medicine, which may include aspects from Western and/or Chinese medical disciplines.
  • We take the time to truly understand you. We review your medical history before your first appointment, and we schedule 1.5 hours for that first appointment to address your concerns thoroughly.
  • We don’t simply replace drugs with herbs and supplements. It is true – we often believe that supplements are better for the body than drugs. But many Western practices fit drugs to symptoms rather than the underlying cause of the illness causing the symptoms. We are different – through the diagnostic techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the latest, cutting-edge scientific research and test to develop a personalized plan to restore physiological function to the point that it can rebuild itself.
  • Health is a lifestyle. During your appointment, we discuss diet, exercise, sleep and stress inducing patterns that contribute to your health concerns. This allows you to maintain a higher degree of health and decreases time spent in any doctor’s office.
  • We don’t accept every patient. We offer a complimentary 10 – 15 minute phone consult in order to ensure that we can help you. There are some cases that lie outside our true expertise which we feel may be better addressed by another type of practitioner. We are invested in making sure you spend your time and money wisely.

I want to help you

Please feel free to call the office for a free 15 minute consultation to see if Randy can assist with you and your family’s health concerns.
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